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JOIN US IN CAPE TOWN to access new markets, expand sales opportunities, increase exposure and attract investors for your innovative tech products and services. 

Exhibitors: Complete the form below to learn more about exhibiting at the Consumer Tech Expo in Dec 2021.
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Upon submitting your interest form, our team will contact you to learn more about your products, services and exhibition needs. Our design partners will be happy to assist you in building out the ideal exhibit to engage and impress expo attendees.


You can go with something simple, or take on a more elaborate design with a larger footprint - all in accord with your goals and budget. Know what you want and ready to order?

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Booth prices include:

  • exhibit space rental inside Gallagher Convention Centre

  • professional design & build-out of display structure with optional add-ons

  • access to private areas for meeting with investors, buyers, collaborators

**You may also opt to use your own outside design team to build out your exhibit. Please contact us at to review footprint specs and construction details.